modular universal input & output

I have been making interactive or generative sound work since taking a MA in Creative Technology in 1997 as well as exploring the use of artificial life and genetic algorithms, I have become known for an innovative series of sonic augmented reality projects titled 'aura' and as a member of the award winning Owl Project.  My recent work explores the use of mobile phones to create multi-person interaction at live events or installations.  I created Muio.org Ltd as a vehicle to support my practice through consultancy and exploit the technology that emerges from my art research.


Seems everyone has an acronym 'mission statement' and mine would be SINE but that's just too geeky, so I use COSINE.

I like projects that are:-


  • Collaborative/Co-operative
  • Open (open-source, open-ended or just Open)
  • Systemic (art in systems, systems in art)
  • Interactive/Infront of an audience
  • NOISY!
  • Emergant/Embedded


You can find me on Twitter as stevemuio and get me on email ... hint my name is "steve" and I'm at the website's address.  ;)

Find out more about me and the people I work with below:-