aura2: the stuff that forms around you

A located sound project that explores notions of consumption and ownership within a space by allowing users to leave an audio trail as they move within the Real World.




Imagine a playing field after a fresh falling of snow. The snow lies evenly and untrodden. This represents an empty aura sound world and,if you wore an aura backpack, would sound like soft white noise.

Someone walks across the field leaving footprints, the snow is sullied, eroded, the walker has left a patina in the world. In the aura world this patina is represented by filtering applied to the soft white noise. So a user walking with an aura backpack will hear soft white noise (virgin snow) then lower tones will emerge as they cross the path left previously by another aura user.


Exhibition history

aura:the stuff that forms around you was premiered at the Enter Festival, Cambridge, April 2007 and latterly presented at:-

Ding Dong, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, Nov 2008 - Feb 2009

ISEA 2009 Exhibition, ISEA09, Belfast, August 2009


The project is supported by the Arts Council of England North West,SCAN and folly