Steve Symons

I am a sound artist known for an innovative series of sonic augmented reality projects titled 'aura' and as a member of the award winning Owl Project. I create digital systems for my own use, which are often released for artists and musicians as free and open-source tools, and am currently extending this process to include commissioning artists to make new content for the systems I have created, thus challenging traditional notions of artist, maker and producer.


These activities operate under the guise of; an art and technology interface consultancy I set to facilitate his artistic practice and exploit the technology created in its realisation. Owl Project is a three person collaboration (Steve Symons, Simon Blackmore and Anthony Hall) who make and perform with sculptural sonic interfaces that critique human desire for technology. Nominated for the Northern Art Prize and awarded the Best of Manchester 2009, Owl Project (along with production manager Ed Carter) hold one of the Artists Taking the Lead commissions as part of the Cultural Olympiad.