Rogue Wave


Rogue Wave are a sound art collective bringing together a diverse range of practitioners in the North West of England. The concept for the group is one of collaboration, to share skills and ideas with a vision of creating work that is greater than the sum of its parts. The emphasis of our practice is strongly on the use of technology, both new and old, to make, harness and manipulate sound as a medium for artistic expression and to explore and expand the contexts in which it might be presented.

First Wave: Site and Sound is a series of immersive, 3 dimensional, and interactive soundscapes in which the connection between sound and its function in our everyday environment is re-presented in an unfamiliar context.

Spinal Fishtap

Based on the sonification of output generated by a single nerve cell in a fish spinal cord in response to a 1 sec duration excitatory stimulus in the presence of a neuromodulatory peptide (urotensin 1), which enhances bursts of nerve impulses, spinal fishtap represents a challenging sonic representation the inner working of this vital cell type.

Kitchen Life soundscape and interactive performance

Implementing a set of tools developed during for the Rogue Wave project (, Kitchen Life counterpoints multiple point simultaneous contact microphone recordings taken from the boiling of a kettle, with digitally synthesised sounds emerging from the classic artificial life experiment - Game of Life. The real and digital blur, doing the housework will never be the same again!

FACT May 2006 (pictured to right, thanks to Lian Harter)
Sonic Arts Network EXPO 2006
Futuresonic festival 2006


live event


screen shot


me live at FACT