Viral Synthesia

A 4 screen outdoor interactive/generative installation. Sounds sampled from the Manchester Central Library are edited and mixed in real-time by the neuralMix engine and spilled out to echo around this key location in the heart of Manchester.

The four projections alternated between human and machine. The human being represented by the neuralMix neural network and the machine by Conway's Game of Life.

Each projection talks to and listens to its neighbor (end ones wrap round). Thus the human and machine elements morph into a single entity.

The state of the Computer is reset to part of the UN declaration of Human Rights, each time a user enters a machine space.

For me this is in part a meditation of the nature and potential power of libraries (representing knowledge/machine) and their intercation with the human world.

Viral Synthesia was part of Urban Cycles UK, commissioned by Digital Summer.

library walk 2002